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Roofing in Centralia, MO

Centralia, MO Is No Stranger to Dangerous Hail & Wind. When You Need a New Roof After a Big Storm, Call Centralia’s #1 Roofing Company, Chavez Enterprises

Did You Know a Little Roof Damage Can Lead to Big Problems in Centralia, MO? Chavez Enterprises can Protect Your Home From Water Damage & Costly Utility Bills With a Roof Replacement or Repair

Rising utility bills and mysterious water leaks could be a sign of serious roof damage in Centralia, MO. Not only is roof damage inconvenient for you, but it can also be very dangerous for your family. Excessive hidden water can cause mold and make your family sick. Meanwhile, that water may be ruining your insulation, drywall, floors, and more. Don’t wait if you suspect roof damage. Call Chavez Enterprises.

We’ll inspect your roof, identify damaged or weak spots, and provide an efficient and professional roof replacement or repair you can trust. Our team will even work with your insurance company to ensure that the work is covered by your homeowner’s insurance plan. Chavez Enterprises will work hard to reduce your stress and eliminate your roofing problems.

The roofers at Chavez Enterprises are passionate about providing quality roofing solutions to the residents of Centralia, MO because we are local to the area. Your community is our community, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape no matter the season or storm.

To get a quote for a roof replacement in Centralia, MO, contact Chavez Enterprises today. We’ll schedule your inspection and transform your roof condition from rough to reliable ASAP.

Finding a good roofer who can complete your roof replacement or repair is easy in Centralia, MO. Just call Chavez Enterprises. We also replace & repair siding & gutters

Hail damage or big storms can lead to severe roof problems. Fortunately, Chavez Enterprises, Centralia, MO's #1 roofing company, offers top-notch roof replacements and repairs

While hail is a primary cause of roof damage in Centralia, MO, there are numerous other factors that can harm your roof. Wind, debris, falling tree limbs, and even whole trees can create dents, cracks, and holes that expose your home to the elements. Roof damage can lead to leaks, drafts, higher utility costs, and more costly and dangerous problems. If you want to avoid dealing with expensive headaches like these, contact Chavez Enterprises. We’re the most trusted roofer in Centralia, MO, and we’d be proud to replace or repair your roof. 

Storm damage isn’t the only issue Centralia, MO homeowners will face. Older roofs have their own set of problems. Over time, your roof will deteriorate due to exposure to the elements and the wear that comes with age. Cracked shingles or hidden damage within the subroof can cause just as many issues as storm damage. Regardless of what has compromised your roof, whether it’s age or a storm, you need to act promptly to address the damage.

For a fast and reliable roof replacement or repair, choose Chavez Enterprises. Our professional roofing contractors will provide a detailed inspection report that your homeowner’s insurance company can use to approve your roof replacement or repair services. We aren’t storm chasers or unqualified subcontractors. The roofers at Chavez Enterprises are all fully-fledged members of our team who are trained and certified to deliver the best roofing services in the area. We understand roof damage and know how to make it disappear.

Common signs of roof damage & aging:

  • Cracked or curling shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Asphalt shingle granules coming off
  • Internal water damage
  • Moldy or damp attic
With Chavez Enterprises superior roofing contractors, you can get a beautiful & durable roof replacement in Centralia, MO

Busy homeowners rarely have time to deal with a roof replacement. However, leaving your roof with untreated damage can lead to much bigger issues. That’s why you should call a trusted local roofing company like Chavez Enterprises the moment a storm ends. Our professional roof inspectors can look for roof damage and get your roof replacement on the schedule quickly. With quick action, you can avoid leaks, pooling water, and expensive utilities in Centralia, MO.

Over our more than 20 years in business, we’ve inspected and replaced thousands of roofs to the immense satisfaction of our customers. We have refined our process over our years of service and have roof replacements down to a science. In fact, we can often complete a roof replacement in just one day! Explore our roofing process and call us to schedule your own Centralia, MO roof inspection.

Chavez Enterprises Roofing Process 

  1. Perform a detailed roof inspection
  2. Create a proposal for the roof replacement including budget & timeline
  3. Work with you to select the shingle style & color
  4. Remove the old roof
  5. Install the new roof – typically in one day! 
  6. Clean up your lawn and gutters for a spotless & safe home 
  7. Perform a final roof inspection for quality & safety
Choose a shingle style that suits your budget & style in Centralia, MO with high-quality roofing shingles from Chavez Enterprises

Not all shingles are designed with the best quality in mind. That’s why, for a long-lasting roof, it’s always important to prioritize the quality of the shingles over style. Fortunately, Chavez Enterprises offers shingles that not only perform well but also look amazing. Choose from a variety of colors and styles that will protect your home from the harsh Missouri weather.

We are pleased to offer CertainTeed  and Owens Corning  roofing shingles to our customers in Centralia, MO. With these nationally recognized roofing brands, you can select from high-end deluxe shingles, premium shingles, and traditional three-tab shingles. Each shingle style provides its own unique benefits and aesthetics, but with Chavez Enterprises, you’ll never have to worry about the craftsmanship. To get better-performing and better-looking shingles for your roof in Centralia, MO, contact Chavez Enterprises now.

Filing an insurance claim for your damaged roof can be a long & annoying process. Let Chavez Enterprises, Centralia, MO’s top roofer, work on the roof claim for you

Sometimes it can feel like your homeowners’ insurance company just doesn’t have to help. If you’re in the middle of a roofing claim or you still need to file one, call Chavez Enterprises. We know exactly what insurance companies are looking for in order to approve a claim, and we’ll provide all the necessary paperwork to get your claim accepted. Our inspections are incredibly thorough, giving your insurance company everything they need to cut your check for a roof repair. Protect your home and save time when you choose Chavez Enterprises.

We’ve worked with some of the most popular insurance companies in the country, but we also know the ins and outs of getting a claim approved by a small insurance company, too. From Allstate, American Family Insurance, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Progressive, and State Farm to your Centralia, MO insurer, we can provide the evidence needed to get a claim approved quickly. Stop worrying about your claim and start considering the color and style of roofing shingle you want to be installed when you call Chavez Enterprises.

Roof repairs don’t have to be a pain! Call the roofing contractors at Chavez Enterprises for a speedy roof repair in Centralia, MO

Just because your roof is damaged doesn’t mean the whole system has to be replaced. If damage was isolated to one portion of the roof, you may only need a roof repair. For an easy roof repair that will protect your home from further damage, call Chavez Enterprises. We’ll assess the condition of your roof, determine if a replacement or repair is needed, and schedule your service as soon as possible. Some roofing companies can take months to provide repairs, but at Chavez Enterprises, we act quickly because we know roof damage can get worse over time.


Your roof repair will be tackled by professional roofers who’ve seen all kinds of roof damage over the years. We can replace a few broken shingles or even patch up a large hole. To us, the only thing that matters is the quality of the roof and your family’s safety. Get the best roofing services in Centralia, MO when you call Chavez Enterprises.

Keep your business operating smoothly with a commercial roof replacement in Centralia, MO from Chavez Enterprises

Replacing or repairing a commercial roof is a significant undertaking for any roofing company in Centralia, MO. As a business owner or property manager, you need a skilled commercial roofer who can handle not just shingled roofs but also thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), and Modified Bitumen Roofs (MBR). In Centralia, Chavez Enterprises is the top commercial roofer.

Our team of roofing contractors has installed, replaced, and repaired commercial roofs just like yours, and we would be proud to be the team for your job. You can trust that our commercial roof inspection will be comprehensive, catching significant signs of damage and even small details that other roofers might miss. From there, we will schedule your roofing service and work quickly to prevent any delay in operations. A roof replacement or repair shouldn’t slow down your operation, so choose Chavez Enterprises. We are fast, professional, and, most importantly, experienced. Get in touch to schedule your commercial roofing inspection.

Replace or repair your Centralia, MO home’s siding with high-quality products & services from Chavez Enterprises

Your home’s siding does more than just look good. It protects your home from the elements as well as pests. However, when damaged, your siding can be compromised. If you’ve noticed holes or cracks in your siding, call Chavez Enterprises. We’ll replace your siding with tough and beautiful James Hardie  fiber cement siding. Not only will your home be protected from weather and pets, but you can also take this time to upgrade the look of your home. To get brand new siding installed on your Centralia, MO home, contact our siding contractors. We’ll give you stylish and tough siding options for your home.

Are rainwater, snow melt & leaves causing problems in your Centralia, MO gutters? Contact Chavez Enterprises to replace your home gutter system

Behind your roof, your gutters provide some of the best protection against water seeping into your home. Hail damage, cracks, or even old gutters can cause water to pool and leak into your home, resulting in much more damage than what you’re dealing with in the gutters. Keep an eye on your gutters for signs of poor performance and reach out to Chavez Enterprises if you notice slow draining, clogs, or water pooling. We can replace your gutters, install gutter guards, and provide better protection for your home against harmful moisture. You can even have your gutters replaced when Chavez Enterprises replaces your roof. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen. Contact Chavez Enterprises today.

We’ll help you navigate your insurance claim so you can have your roof replaced faster in Centralia, MO

Getting your roof replaced shouldn’t be hard. You should be able to rely on your homeowners’ insurance company to review your damaged roof report and approve the claim. Unfortunately for many homeowners in Centralia, MO, it’s not always so easy. If you’re dealing with a picky insurance company that doesn’t seem to want to help, call Chavez Enterprises. We’ve gone through hundreds of insurance approvals and we can help get your claim approved, too.

While no insurance company has the same claim approval process, they will always want a detailed inspection for review. At Chavez Enterprises, we complete a multi-step inspection to create the most detailed roof damage report possible. Insurance companies like Allstate, American Family Insurance, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Progressive, and State Farm have approved claims just like yours thanks to our effective reporting methods, and we’d like to bring the same quality to your roof inspection.

Schedule your free roof inspection today. We’ll be on time to complete a detailed visual and physical inspection. That’s right, we get on your roof to look for every possible sign of damage whether it’s visible to the naked eye or hidden in your subroof. No more insurance headaches. No more roof damage. Just a well-built roof you can trust.

Chavez Enterprises works hard to replace & repair roofs, siding & gutters for Centralia, MO homeowners

Chavez has been proudly serving as the top roofing company in central Missouri for more than 20 years. We always prioritize your satisfaction and the safety of your home, and we never compromise on quality. Experience the transformative difference that Chavez can make for your home today.