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Roofing in Hallsville, MO

Hallsville, MO Is No Stranger to Dangerous Hail & Wind. When You Need a New Roof After a Big Storm, Call Hallsville’s #1 Roofing Company, Chavez Enterprises

A Bad Storm Can Mean Disaster for Your Roof. Chavez Enterprises Will Quickly & Professionally Replace or Repair Your Roof in Hallsville, MO

As storms become more serious and unpredictable, it’s important to have your home’s first line of defense, your roof, in tip-top shape. That means performing regular inspections and calling a trusted roofer if you believe your roof has been damaged. In Hallsville, MO, residents and business owners trust Chavez Enterprises to provide honest, quality roofing services.

We’re a local team with a long history of serving the mid-Missouri area. In fact, our company was founded in Jefferson City and we have served the community for more than 20 years. Every roofer and inspector on our team is fully trained and certified to replace roofs and we never contract our work out to subcontractors. We keep everything in-house because we know quality craftsmanship is built on experience and education. You won’t find the quality you deserve from a third-party roofing company.

Whether a storm has recently ruined your roof or you’re worried about the next big weather event, Chavez Enterprises can help. Call us today to schedule your no-obligation roof inspection. We’ll view your roof from all angles (on the ground, on the roof, and from our ladders) to make sure we see everything. You’ll get a roof quality report and we’ll share our recommendations for a replacement or repair. At Chavez Enterprises, your safety is our priority and we would be proud to be your roofer of choice in Hallsville, MO.

Looking for a trustworthy & qualified local roofing company in Hallsville, MO? Chavez Enterprises can replace & repair your roof, siding & gutters

In Hallsville, MO, hail & wind damage are no problem for Chavez Enterprises. We'll quickly replace or repair your roof after a severe storm

There are so many things that can damage your roof in Hallsville, MO. Hail, the most common cause of roof damage, can create serious problems that may not even be visible. After a hail storm, it’s important to schedule a roof inspection to make sure your roof isn’t hiding any subroof problems. Wind, another enemy of homeowners in Hallsville, MO, can bend and tear your shingles or even rip them off completely. 

Additionally, the debris thrown around by strong winds can put holes in your roof and create huge headaches. Once it’s safe to do so, you should always check your roof for visible damage after a storm. If you are concerned about hidden damage, contact Chavez Enterprises. We’ll come out quickly to provide a thorough inspection you can trust. If we spot signs of damage, we’ll help you navigate your insurance claim and schedule an easy and efficient replacement or repair. Chavez Enterprises is here to reduce your stress and upgrade your roof.

Homes with roofs that are 15 years or older should be especially diligent in monitoring for wear and tear. Over time, your roof will diminish in quality and this can be really dangerous during bad weather. An older roof just can’t stand up to wind and hail the way a new roof can. Fortunately, old roofs are no problem for the expert roofers at Chavez. We can take out your old roof and install a beautiful new roof, often in just one day. Call Chavez Enterprises today for more information and request a free inspection.

Chavez Enterprises | Quality Roof Repair Services Available In Hallsville, MO

If you’re nervous about the quality of your roof after a storm in Hallsville, MO, reach out to the roofers at Chavez Enterprises. We know the signs of roof damage and we can act quickly to protect your home.

Common signs of roof damage & aging:

  • Cracked or curling shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Asphalt shingle granules coming off
  • Internal water damage
  • Moldy or damp attic
Replacing your roof shouldn’t be a hassle. Choose Chavez Enterprises as your Hallsville, MO roofing company

Nothing feels as stressful as a big home repair project. But what if that big project could be completed in just one day? At Chavez Enterprises, we’ve mastered the art of roof replacements and we can typically replace a damaged roof in a single day! Our Hallsville, MO roofers are quick, but they are also excellent at what they do. We take pride in our work and deliver high-quality results because we know your family’s safety is on the line. Our roofers are also meticulously clean. You won’t find nails or shingles littered across your lawn or left on your roof. Instead, you’ll only know we were here because of your beautiful new roof. Chavez Enterprises leaves your home and lawn looking better than before and we stand by our work. Learn more about our roofing process!

Chavez Enterprises Roofing Process 

  1. Perform a detailed roof inspection
  2. Create a proposal for the roof replacement including budget & timeline
  3. Work with you to select the shingle style & color
  4. Remove the old roof
  5. Install the new roof – typically in one day! 
  6. Clean up your lawn and gutters for a spotless & safe home 
  7. Perform a final roof inspection for quality & safety
Chavez Enterprises installs the best roofing shingles you can find in Hallsville, MO

The materials used to replace your roof matter. That is why Chavez only uses the best. We incorporate CertainTeed  and Owens Corning shingles into your roof replacements and repairs because we trust their industry-leading products to look great and protect your home. You can choose from endless color and style options to best suit your home and budget, and Chavez Enterprises’ roofers will install them. We carry traditional asphalt shingles including three-tab, deluxe, and premium shingles for the ultimate roofing systems. Need a roof inspection and replacement? Call Chavez Enterprises.

Avoid the headache of filing an insurance claim for your roof by working with Hallsville, MO’s best roofing company, Chavez Enterprises

No one likes doing paperwork, especially when money is on the line! If you have to submit an insurance claim for your roof and you don’t want to do it wrong, contact us! We’re more than just a roofing company. We are insurance specialists who have worked with dozens of national and local insurance companies to complete insurance claims. Chavez Enterprises has worked with Allstate, American Family Insurance, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Progressive, State Farm, and more. Our detailed roofing inspections show insurance companies exactly what they need to see in order to accept a claim. This includes visible damage like missing shingles or exposed cracks and holes, as well as hidden damage you can only find internally. Your custom report will also include estimates of the costs involved. With this in hand, your insurance claim can move quickly and you can schedule your roof replacement sooner.

Don’t waste your time fighting with the insurance company. Let Chavez Enterprises do the hard work while you focus on the big picture details: what type and color of shingles you want to be installed! Start filing your homeowner’s insurance claim with Chavez today!

Was your roof only damaged in one or two places? Chavez Enterprises will quickly repair your roof in Hallsville, MO

Newer roofs don’t always require a full replacement after they’ve been damaged in a storm. Sometimes a patch treatment is all that is required. If our inspection finds only one or two spots on your roof need work, we’ll suggest a repair rather than a full-blown replacement. This can save you time and money while still maintaining a strong roofing system. We’ll tear out any damaged shingles or sub-roofing and replace them quickly. If you’re worried your roof will look patchy because of the new shingles, trust our process! Our roof contractors will match your new shingles to your existing shingles to ensure a cohesive look. Once our work is completed and your yard is left spotless, you won’t even know we were here! The only difference will be the enhanced quality of your roofing system.

To see if your roof needs to be repaired, contact Chavez Enterprises. We’ll schedule your inspection and book your service appointment quickly so you’re not waiting around with a damaged roof. Get in touch with us today!

Hallsville, MO’s #1 commercial roofing contractor is only a phone call away. Get in touch with Chavez Enterprises commercial roofers today

Are you having trouble finding a professional commercial roofer in Hallsville, MO? Call Chavez! We can solve your commercial roofing issues, no matter the scope of the problem. From replacements and repairs to new build installations, our roofers will handle the job professionally and quickly. After all, time is money and we understand closing for a roof replacement can be a nightmare. Chavez Enterprises can work on your commercial thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), and Modified Bitumen Roofs (MBR). To book your inspection, contact us today. Chavez works hard so you can get back to work.

Chavez Enterprises will gladly evaluate your Columbia, MO roof for system failures or weakened conditions. Roof damage can look different on every roof so it’s valuable to have a roofing professional provide you with a detailed roofing report. Our professional roofing contractors will be able to identify whether your roof is ready to handle the next major weather event, or if you need an immediate replacement or repair. Chavez Enterprises’ honest and no-obligations roofing inspection will help you make an informed decision about your roof integrity in Columbia, MO.

How to quickly replace or repair your home’s siding in Hallsville, MO

After a storm, your roof will not be the only victim of hail or wind damage. Your siding may have cracks or holes which can lead to leaks, pest infestations, and an increase in utility costs. Protect your home from outside dangers when you call Chavez Enterprises for a speedy siding replacement. We’ll remove your old siding and install efficient new siding that matches your home’s style and is tough when faced with dangerous Hallsville, MO weather. Contact us to get your siding replacement quote.

Prevent water damage in your Hallsville, MO home with efficient new gutters installed by Chavez Enterprises gutter experts

Are your gutters ready to handle the next heavy rain in Hallsville, MO? If you’re not sure, it may be time to schedule a gutter inspection and replacement. Your gutters are meant to keep rain and standing water away from your home, but if they’re full of debris, cracked, or damaged in any way you may have a costly problem on your hands. Water damage is no joke and can cause a laundry list of problems including damage to your walls, structure, and insulation, and even cause mold. Correct or prevent gutter problems with Chavez Enterprises. We can install new gutters and gutter guards to prevent debris from gathering, direct water away from your home, and protect your roof. You can even combine your roof and siding replacement service with our gutter services to optimize your home for peak performance in bad weather. Get in touch with Chavez Enterprises’ expert roofers to learn more.

Are you struggling with how to file a roof insurance claim? Chavez Enterprises, Hallsville, MO’s top roofer, can help you complete your homeowner’s insurance claim

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time submitting an insurance claim or you are a seasoned pro, it is never easy to work with an insurance company. Processes are always changing and it can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you have a damaged roof causing big problems. If your insurance company is giving you the runaround, call Chavez Enterprises. Our detailed roofing inspections satisfy insurance companies and speed up the claim process, meaning you can get back to enjoying your life. We’ve worked with Allstate, American Family Insurance, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Progressive, State Farm, and more, and we know exactly how to successfully win an insurance claim for you.

Once the claim is approved, we’ll schedule your service. Our roofers arrive on time and prepared to complete your roof replacement or repair and in most cases, our job is complete in one day. We don’t leave dangerous or unsightly debris in your yard. We don’t cut corners. And we always stand by our work. To get the best roofing services in Hallsville, MO, call Chavez Enterprises. We’re here to keep a roof over your head.

Chavez Enterprises Roofing Contracotrs

Chavez Enterprises is here for all your Hallsville, MO roofing, siding & gutter needs

For more than 20 years Chavez has proudly served as central Missouri’s best roofing company. We prioritize your satisfaction and home safety and never compromise on quality. See the difference Chavez can make in your home today.